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Chastity design update 2
An extra ref image. The bra is grey here as that was experimental, but I'm going with the blue version. Here's some extra info about it, as well as images:…

Also here's some original drafts:…
Chastity design update

I’m giving Chastity a slight design update, where she normally wears a Catholic schoolgirl uniform. The plain shepherd robes will still be a thing, but the uniform will be more of her primary design. 

Alice has a following on Earth, as well as a Church devoted to her faith; this church’s school is a private school full of girls who wish to grow their breasts and become like holy mothers. Chastity wears the uniform because she acknowledges that it’s a holy garment approved by the church, she believes she should set a good example, and it helps her blend in to keep a watchful eye on Alice and keep her out of trouble.

Normally, girls don’t get to her size unless they’re of a high ranking, so Chastity ties the shirt in a knot underneath because the already-large size isn’t enough to hold her in.

She still has the holy juggernaut faith armor, don’t worry.

(special thanks to a specific friend for the pose of the second image!)

Halloween 2016 by Matsu-sensei
Halloween 2016
Late Halloween drawing, but luckily it works as just a normal pic too.

Originally it was going to include Raine as Sorceress with Mattie being Amazon instead, but I got too lazy to draw three characters, and I also really wanted to draw Mattie as Sorceress.

Also, original idea for this version was Mattie pretending to cast a boob spell on Otome and Otome would upwrap her chest, hence their poses. Here’s a boob edit anyway:…
Moo-scle Milk by Matsu-sensei
Moo-scle Milk

Fun Vanessa facts:
- She can move/jiggle her breasts hands-free by flexing her pectorals.
- Her breast milk has an intoxicating effect and can cause the drinker to get drunk after enough of it. This includes her too.
- Her breasts grow further and fill up through physical exertion.

(pose ref used)


Matt E.
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States

SteamID: GraphiteKnight or LoveNinja
TF2 Backpack:…

Frequently Asked Questions:
- Do you take requests?
Sorry, no.
- Do you do commissions?
Very rarely. I usually only open one slot now and then.
- Will you be my friend?
As my friend Johnsu said: "Friendship isn't something you just dish out like candy. I'm not particularly optimistic about making friends with a fan, you see. That kind of relationship lacks the peer-to-peer level that I'm comfortable with." But the key with me is to be casual.
- Those boobs are disgusting and too big. What the hell is wrong with you? (alternate: "How is she standing? Her spine should be broken!")
Sorry, but that's just what I like. I won't give the butthurt "IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT DON'T LOOK" response, but I will say that I do like to draw for myself. I appreciate if you stop by to look at my stuff, but by all means, feel free to leave if it makes you uncomfortable. Also, they're drawings. Lighten up a little~
- Will you draw [insert fetish here]?
No, unless it's something I myself am into (BE, huge boobs). And even then, I'd prefer it to be in a way that's cute/amusing or compliments the character. Blunt erotica is boring and not really my thing.

Can't find your question here? Check out this journal for more FAQs!
Should I post game stream notifications here on dA? If I decide not to, you can find these game stream updates on my Twitter and Tumblr ask blog.

Streaming some Dark Souls 3 with mic on.

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