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I really like your galley, you have a nice style
Gr33nTheMighty Mar 24, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Well done bro.
love your drawings!!!
bigbigONda Jan 9, 2014  Student Digital Artist
R.O.F.L ... amazing stuff ! La la la la love the sketches
You should make a section, for Bios/ Origin stories. You have good artwork but I can't tell where to start.
Love all the Dragon's Crown stuff. I can't get enough of that game. Amazon all day. 😍
perfect gallery  I am a dummy! and animations is increible Pervy Blossom 
LeaveThisBlank Sep 5, 2013
Yes, the one with Mattie using that epic warhammer is awesome, although I think that were I placed in a position where I were forced to engage in medieval-style combat, I'd be more skilled with an axe, or a sword. Hammers are just too unwieldy. But I suppose that the image of Mattie using a warhammer is meant to emphasize that she is strong, and capable of being a warrior, not just some cow girl with huge boobs. That's my take on it personally.
Before, I had always thought that there could never be breasts too big.

I believe I was correct.
It's nice to know you solely judge on breast size. Very not shallow.
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